Thursday, 3 September 2020

Exactly how Reliable Is Your Cloud Solutions Provider?

More often than not, it's not the actual cloud itself which allows businesses down, it's the fog up provider, but can companies realistically guarantee zero down time?

There have been several high-profile instances of 'cloud failure' in the last few years, which have done small to enforce public viewpoint of cloud reliability. But what people often fail to recognize is that it's not the impair which is unreliable, it's the foriegn providers.

Such cases associated with cloud service failure must not deter people from utilizing cloud services, but instead strengthen the need to employ the right supplier. But even with the right service provider, can zero downtime actually be guaranteed? With the subsequent key ingredients in place, there is reason why not.

Next era data centres

A cloud hosting service provider should be making purchases of the best, next generation information centre technology, to deliver a good uninterrupted service, which is in a position to grow with the customer with time. Data centre security ought to adhere to best practice requirements, ideally with a ISO 27001 certification, and offer round-the-clock checking and support. Data zones which offer anything less best avoided.

A proactively supervised network

All cloud solutions providers will claim to provide round-the-clock support, but sometimes all can deliver who advertise. It's essential that the primary network is proactively checked 24/7/365, to ensure unbroken entry to data and applications whenever they're needed.

Resilient software platforms

Cloud applications, such as voice, data and desktop computer should be highly resilient, whilst subject to round-the-clock support through maintenance teams. Platforms ought to be PCI-certified and ISO 27001 compliant, meeting the highest specifications in security and support.

When these three components combine, the chances of downtime tend to be significantly reduced. If fog up providers apply these criteria, and make ongoing commitments to increase improving their service, there is no excuse for thinking time at all.

It's easy for companies to get drawn into appealing looking SLAs (Service Degree Agreements), which promise 99. 999% uptime. However , usually the provider is unable to honour this kind of assurances which puts the customers in a compromising place.

There is little which can make up for the damage caused by lengthy black outs, which can potentially damage the particular reputation and credibility of the business, and cost a lot of money in lost revenue.

Therefore next time you hear about impair failure, don't assume it is the cloud which is the problem, simply because behind every unreliable foriegn service, is an unreliable cloud hosting service provider.

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